Prachanda's Statue In Putalisadak


हेर्नुहोस भिडियो
Prachanda's Statue In Putalisadak
Prachanda who was strolling for the war in our history has turned into the executive for the second time. He was a man loaded with bunches of concealed truth. Individuals never knew him in genuine as he was only a name for that war those days.

In those days there was a war on which bunches of individuals were k!lled and he was the leader of that war and after that he took an interest on the governmental issues being Puspakamal Dahal.

He harried a great deal and each individuals has the note of their heart and it's been the history too and the history never d!es. Here is the video where you can see him strolling with the armed force on those days when the war was on Nepal.
Prachanda's Statue In Putalisadak

सरकारको निर्णयको बिरोध गर्दै प्रधानमन्त्री प्रचण्डको शवयात्रा निकालिएको छ । बिहिबार दिउसो प्रचण्डको पुत्ला बनाएर नारा लगाउदै शबयात्रा निकालिएको हो । शवयात्रामा उल्लेख्य सर्वसाधरणको सहभागिता थियो ।

Here in this video you can see him alongside the general population in an armed force dress and he is driving them and on this video you can see him strolling alongside the female. Yet, it is not clear that what is the video about and when is this video snapped. This video is been distributed on Facebook and it is getting viral and here is the video where you can see him strolling as a typical individual driving the armed force.

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